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The forest stands and the cork production are the two factors that most influence the cork value chain, a NWFP which has its origin in a multifunctional ecosystem that provides many products and services, but environmental and social changes now threaten cork oak forests. To mitigate these threats, it is necessary to address incoming challenges through innovation, knowledge but also improved profitability to sustain management.

There is an urgent need for new products, market segments and sources of revenue to take greater advantage of an NWFP whose market is now primarily focused on the manufacture of bottle stoppers, that accounts for almost 70% of the total value of the cork market.


The INCREDIBLE project aims to show how Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP) can play an important role in supporting sustainable forest management and rural development, by creating networks to share and exchange knowledge and expertise. ‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE) promotes cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation to highlight the value and potential of NWFPs in the region.


Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE) project receives funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement Nº 774632


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