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Compilation of co-developed ready-to-implement innovative knowledge (Deliverable 2.1)

Deliverables 2.1 Compilation of co-developed ready-to-implement innovative knowledge aims at collecting relevant information on NWFPs innovations (research, success stories, best practices, databases, technical reports, policies, etc.). These pieces of information take the form of fact sheets and have been collected either from primary INCREDIBLE data, stemming from the collective knowledge of the consortium and screening of existing repositories, or from Secondary data from available and relevant scientific and grey literature. Moreover, in order to capture new ideas, but also to mobilize the broader community and to contribute to a mind-set change in relation to science-practice interaction, a Knowledge contest has been organized, awarding the best Research-into-Action summary from researchers and practitioners.

Facilitating Innovation in NWFPs. Lessons learnt (Deliverable 1.4)

INCREDIBLE aims to address the existing research and innovation knowledge divide in Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP) across the Mediterranean basin. To this extent, the project has initiated a series of innovation networks (iNets), that gather best practices and ready to use knowledge (both practical and science-based) related to NWFP conservation, collection, production, transformation and trade channels. By collecting, sharing, and transferring these practices and knowledge in and across the iNets, the iNets work towards their objective of strengthening the NWFP value chains.

Website (Deliverable 4.2)

The Communications Strategy of INCREDIBLE project includes (among other actions) the creation of a website as a central tool for dissemination of the project, and a central platform for the communication of its activities and results to the thirteen project partners, stakeholders and general public interested in non-wood forest products (NWFP).


A Road Map for innovating NWFPs value chains (Deliverable 1.3)

The iNet coordinators have organised a scoping seminar for each iNet, gathering key stakeholders and researchers in order to better understand the functioning of the different value chains and their main knowledge needs, gaps and divides. These seminars were a great opportunity for stakeholders to propose new ideas, activities and opportunities which will contribute to the iNet development. Their outcomes are summaries in an innovation roadmap, that will help shape the future activities of INCREDIBLE. This Deliverable D1.3, entitled “A Road Map for innovating NWFPs value chains” is, then, a synthesis report the outcomes of the five scoping seminars. This report is designed as basic guideline for further work and development of iNets.


The iNETs manual (Deliverable 1.1)

This manual (Deliverable 1.1) sets out the process and procedures for the establishment and the operation of the iNets and will therefore act as a guiding manual for all actors involved in the life of the iNets.

In order to ensure a successful establishment of these iNets, it's important to define their structure, composition and scope, in order to address NWFPs stakeholders' expectations. The following manual deals with this matter, investigating the rationale behind the What, Where, When, Who and How of iNets.




INCREDIBLE projekt ima za cilj pokazati kako nedrvni šumski proizvodi (NDŠP) mogu imati važnu ulogu u podržavanju održivog gospodarenja šumama i ruralnom razvoju, stvaranjem mreža za dijeljenje i razmjenu znanja i iskustva. "Inovativne mreže pluta, smole i jestivih plodova u mediteranskom bazenu" (INCREDIBLE) promiču međusektorsku suradnju i inovacije kako bi se istaknula vrijednost i potencijal NDŠP-a u regiji.


Projekt “Inovativne mreže dionika vezanih za pluto, smolu i jestive nedrvne šumske proizvode u mediteranskom bazenu” (INCREDIBLE) financira Europska komisija u sklopu programa Obzor 2020 (ugovor o financiranju Nº 774632).


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