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Aromatic & Medicinal Plants

In recent times is becoming evident the growth of a consumer more aware of recovering healthy lifestyle habits and closer to traditional knowledge. This has resulted in an increased interest worldwide about aromatic and medicinal plants (AMP) as natural medicinal remedies, which is reflected by a growing demand for AMP products in the European markets.

The current outlook requires now innovative R&D in AMP to increase the productivity, quality and possibilities of valorisation, but as a previous step it's essential to listen and study consumers and their expectactions about AMP, and therefore develop marketing strategies focused on issues such as productive processes (traceability, development of niche products); evolution of offered products; sector internationalization; substitution of essential oils; and distributors increased power, among others.

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Il progetto INCREDIBLE ha lo scopo di mostrare come i prodotti forestali non legnosi (NWFP) possono svolgere un ruolo importante nel sostenere la gestione forestale sostenibile e lo sviluppo rurale, creando reti per condividere e scambiare conoscenze e competenze. Il progetto INCREDIBLE promuove la collaborazione e l'innovazione intersettoriali per evidenziare il valore e il potenziale dei prodotti forestali non legnosi nel bacino del Mediterraneo.


Il progetto INCREDIBLE ("INNOVATION Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin") riceve finanziamenti dal programma della Commissione Europea Horizon 2020 secondo il grant agreement Nº 774632.


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