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This Interregional Workshop on mushrooms and fresh truffles was held on in 7-8 June in Ioannina (Greece). Entitled as 'Mushrooms and truffles: how to improve quality and market status', this event was aimed to talk about commercialisation and market development with the objectives, among others, of improving awareness and knowledge of the gastronomic value of mushrooms and truffles (gastronomic culture), identifying tools to address frauds and, also, including durability and preservation of fresh truffles and mushrooms in the research agenda to be developed.

University of Ioannina organised on 15 May 2019 this Science to Practice event addressed to mushroom and truffle pickers, trufficulture nursery owners, truffle cultivators, goods and catering sector, interested members of the general public. In the light of the public's growing interest in truffles, the aim of this Science to Practice event was to present the synergy between TROUFACLUB and the School of Agriculture of the University of Ioannina. The TRΟUFACLUB is an informal group of people interested in truffles that began its activities in 2012.


Wild Mushrooms & Truffles iNet held its first INCREDIBLE Interregional Workshop, last 5-6 December 2019 at Padova (Italy), organised by our partner ETIFOR.

The focus of this event  was fiscality in the mushroom and truffles sector the first day (5th December) and forest management for truffles the second day (6th December), when attendees visited some forests during a field trip.

The partners of INCREDIBLE project met in Padova (Italy) on 3th and 4th December for their second General Gssembly, in which they took the pulse of the development of the first year of this project, which aims to create a series of innovation networks in non-wood forest products in the Mediterranean basin. For two days, the work carried out so far was analysed through round tables, dynamic sessions and meetings of the working groups in charge of the tasks of this H2020 project, which includes 13 partners from eight different countries.

On 24 November 2018 was held this Wild Mushrooms & Truffles iNet 'Science to Practice' event, organised by ETIFOR in collaboration with CFRI, in Friuli, region of northeastern Italy, whose capital is the well-known city of Trieste. This event was addressed to managers and forest owners, university students, mycological societies and people interested in knowing how progress is being made on this region in terms of the management and valorization of wild edible fungi.

The Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia-CTFC hosted 19th November a Science-to-practice INCREDIBLE event focused on the legal framewok and opportunities of the Mushroom regulated areas. The purpose of the journey was to present several examples of mushroom hunting regulated areas in different Spanish regions.

This Science to Practice event was held in Livade (Istrian region, Croatia) during the truffle fair where experts from the field gathered trying to resolve the problems. The one-day event, first in a row, was intended to present the INCREDIBLE project and to link the science and research sector with forest management and collection of wild mushrooms and truffles – both for commercial and personal purposes. 

The Wild Mushrooms & Truffles iNet Scoping Seminar was held in Soria, on 19 June, and in Sarrión, on 20 June 2018 (Spain). Here is a small graphical review of the meeting of both days, in which the iNet took its first steps.


INCREDIBLE projekt ima za cilj pokazati kako nedrvni šumski proizvodi (NDŠP) mogu imati važnu ulogu u podržavanju održivog gospodarenja šumama i ruralnom razvoju, stvaranjem mreža za dijeljenje i razmjenu znanja i iskustva. "Inovativne mreže pluta, smole i jestivih plodova u mediteranskom bazenu" (INCREDIBLE) promiču međusektorsku suradnju i inovacije kako bi se istaknula vrijednost i potencijal NDŠP-a u regiji.


Projekt “Inovativne mreže dionika vezanih za pluto, smolu i jestive nedrvne šumske proizvode u mediteranskom bazenu” (INCREDIBLE) financira Europska komisija u sklopu programa Obzor 2020 (ugovor o financiranju Nº 774632).


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